Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where the CAART Was Built: The Wild Bunch Football Offense

 I came to conflict theory at an early age, having coached American football since 1974. (And yes, American football, unlike soccer and other "target-ball" codes, is a war game.)

The breakthrough moment for me, however, when a study of football merged with my "work" as an arms control and disarmament specialist with the U.S. Foreign Service, came in 2007 when I revised, for the third time, my 1999 "Wild Bunch" football offense text.  In addition to the usual plays and formation specifics, I included some thoughts on the nature of (football) conflict and how to approach it as a coach.  I plan to start a revision soon, which will draw even more explicitly the parallels between CAART and American football.

The current version can be found here -- Chapters 2 and 11 will be of greatest interest to CAARTesians who neither know nor care about American football (be careful, though -- I've snagged your like before...)

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